The Origin of the Panzarella Lemon and Panzarella Orange


PANZARELLA ORANGE:  Several years ago two citrus trees came up in my compost pile and I let them grow and fruit.  One became a large tree with oranges the size of grapefruit.  The seeds are monoembronic which means they will not come true.  The grapefuit size fruit ripens around Christmas time and is very juicy, but is also very seedy.  I don’t know who the parents are, but I suspect that the mother is Ujukitsu sweet lemon.  One orange will pretty much fill a glass with juice.


PANZARELLA LEMON:  I know even less about the Panzarella lemon.  It also came up in my compost pile right next to the Panzarella orange.  It is a large lemon with a slight protrusion on the flower end and having a relatively thin skin. The lemons grow in clusters, up to about 6 fruit and weighing as much as 10 pounds per cluster.  It is fairly seedy.  

                   panzarellalemon.jpg panzarellalemon1.jpg



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