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Citrus and Other Fruit Trees For Sale

You can plant these trees any time of the

year since they are not bare rooted.


Some trees for sale have fruit on them; other trees for sale are rare and are difficult to find. Trees are for sale any time I am home. Contact me before coming.

Sorry, no Mail Orders. Read the Texas Citrus Laws (see below*).  

This web page is updated weekly so check it from time to time for additional listings of new trees, for price changes, and for availability.  Also, be sure to visit and like my Facebook page.

If you don't find the fruit tree (especially citrus) that you want on my list, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  I probably can get it for you in the fall.

***Click on any link below to see photos of fruit. *** 
Prices do not include sales tax.

Seedless Kishu 3 gal $49 on trifoliata
Page sold out
Seedless Pixie 3 gal $45
*Lee x Nova  cross on flying dragon 3 gal $45 with fruit one only
*Lee x Nova cross on trifoliata 3 gal $42 one only
Kinnow mandarin available winter 2018
Wekiwa tangelo available winter 2018

SATSUMAS (They are almost seedless):
Brown Select 3 gal $39 with fruit
Frost Owari 3 gal $39

Miho 3 gal $39
Kimbrough 3 gal $39

*Panzarella Orange 3 gal on trifoliata $49
Moro Blood 3 gal $42
Taracco Blood 3 gal $45
Sanguinelli Blood available winter 2018
Vaniglia Sanguigno Blood 3 gal $42 only 1 left
Cara Cara Red Navel 3 gal $42 with fruit
Rhode Red Valencia 3 gal $42 with fruit
Valencia 3 gal $39 with fruit
N-33 Navel 3 gal $39
Republic of Texas 3 gal $45
*Chinotto orange 4 gal $42 one only, used to make campari
Sour Orange rootstock 2 gal $7

Persian 3 gal $42

Palestinian Sweet Lime 3 gal $42
Thornless Key lime with fruit 3 gal $42
Rare Australian Finger Lime available winter 2018
Kaffir lime available winter 2018

Cocktail 3 gal $42
Rio Red 3 gal $39
Bloomsweet 3 gal $39
*Rare Golden Grapefruit 3 gal on trifoliata $49

Chandler red fruited pummelo available winter 2018
Rare Red Valentine (pummelo x blood orange) 3 gal $42

Changshou available spring 2019
Meiwa sweet sold out
*Sunquat (Meyer lemon x kumquat cross) 3 gal on trifloiata $42
*Sunquat 3 gal on Flying dragon $45
*Thomasville citrangequat seedling good for kumquat rootstock 2 gal $7

Seedless Lisbon 3 gal $42
Ujukitsu sweet lemon 3 gal $45
Improved Meyer lemon 3 gal $39
*Panzarella lemon 3 gal on Trifoliata $49
new-icon.gif Rare New Zealand Lemonade 3 gal $45
Buddha Hand available in winter 2018

*This citrus tree will not be available after 2020 due to the Texas Dept. of Agriculture propagation laws

Genoa Loquat seedlings 3 gal $15
Grafted Genoa 3 gal $35

Fuyu non-astringent 5 gal about 6+' tall $36 with fruit
Saijo astrigent sold out
Hachiya astrigent 5 gal $36

Midpride yellow peach available winter 2018
Tropic Snow white peach available winter 2018

Joey 3 gal $49

Brazos Belle 3 gal $49

Tennosui Pear 3 gal 6' tall $29
Acres Home pear sold out

Sharp Velvet (sometimes called Purple Heart) (excellent flavor and deep red aerials) 3 gal $29

Purple Passion vines (passiflora edulis) sold out

BA-1 Fig green fig with red flesh (FIGS) 3 gal $12 one left
Eugenia Uniflora (Surinam Cherry) 3 gal $9
Rare Eugenia Selloi Pitangatuba sold out
Rare Black Jaboticaba 7 gal 3 year old large bushes about 3' tall $55,  smaller 3 gal $42
Lemon Guava (Pasidium Littorale) 2 gal $8 The skin is edible and the juice sacs are sweet.
Black pepper vine (piper nigrum) 2 gal $8
Arabica Coffee 3 gal $25 The red berries are good to eat, and make coffee from the bean
Pakistan Mulberry available winter 2018
Scarlet Beauty Plum available winter 2018
Miracle fruit berries $1.00 each, picked fresh when picking them up, limited supply
Papaya 4 gal 7' tall $25

I can crack and partially clean your pecans for 50 cents per pound (weight before cracking). Partially cleaning your pecans saves a lot of work and time plus you come out with a lot of halves. This cracker is one of a very few that can crack very large Podsednik pecans and produce whole halves. It does not crack the small native pecans. Contact me to set up a date.


*A couple times a year I travel to Austin, Plano, and New Caney, Texas and can bring a tree there and meet you.  Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for dates on this option.  But if at all possible, come to my house so that you can pick out your tree and get the exact one you want.

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